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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Silhouette – Weekly Photoshop Challenge

Above is my piece for this week's Weekly Photoshop Challenge, "Silhouette."

For this week's challenge, I used a photo of my daughter trying on her new "punk pants" she got from Hot Topic. As you can tell from the original photo, she was posing and acting as a perfect "bad" person in her new "bad" pants. I didn't follow any of the tutorials...I just traced my daughter with the pen tool, filled with black, added the background and text, duplicated the filled silhouette, and made her shadow by distorting the shape. Voila! A fun iPod-type advertisement.

If interested, please check out the Weekly Photoshop Challenge by clicking here!


Blogger Judy Scott said...

Its brilliant I want to try one with a shadow now, think I might have to work up to that, lol Judy xx

9:18 AM

Blogger Tammy said...

Very cool! I'm finding this challenge to be just that... very challenging! I can't quite work this one out yet! How did you get your edges SO smooth when you traced around your daughter? I keep getting a fuzzy or ragged edge when I try it!


2:38 PM

Blogger TXArtcGal said...

Dear Tammy,

To make the selection smooth, I used the Bezier/Pen tool to outline my daughter. You can either use this creating a vector path...or convert it to a selection, and fill with the black to create the silhouette. I am pretty proficient with the pen, I get pretty good curves and no breaks in the path. Learning the pen tool does take practice...but, once you get will love working with it!

I hope this helps you!! Here is a website that shows you how to use the pen tool:


1:31 PM

Blogger Tammy said...

Thanks for your help! I'll take a look at the tutorial and give it another shot... I'm finding that using a track ball mouse may be to my detriment in photoshop!! I'll keep trying and hopefully complete the challenge!


4:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:07 AM


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