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Friday, June 16, 2006

"For Dummies" Bookcover – Weekly Photoshop Challenge

For this week's Weekly Photoshop Challenge, we were to create a "For Dummies" bookcover of our choice. The bookcover could be as funny, serious, or as bizarre as we wished. I chose to do a more serious topic using a photo I took of an antique train we saw when we visited Ohio a few years ago. Everything was drawn in Photoshop (including the little "For Dummies" conductor), except for the "For Dummies" title text which I photoshopped out of a scanned Dummies book I have on my shelf.


Blogger AndyDoodler said...

Very professional looking- and great idea = it would probably sell very well if it were real.
I ran out of "steam" myself this week cuz of deadline pressure- so couldn't participate-- maybe I'll do a Dummies cover for something along the lines of dealing w/this.

9:24 PM


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