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Monday, March 27, 2006

Monochromatic – Inspire Me Thursday

This week's Inspire Me Thursday topic was "Monochromatic." I wish I had more time to dig out my paints, pencils or pastels...but, sadly...I ended up back on the computer using Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sense-Less Artwork – Inspire Me Thursday

This week's Inspire Me Thursday theme was, "Sense-Less Art." We were to create a piece of art without using our senses. This was a bit difficult for me because, as many of my friends and family know...I'm quite the perfectionist. So, letting go of my senses was quite a task in itself.


I usually like it quiet when I draw. But, today I didn't turn off the television and, in fact, had it on an obnoxious channel the entire time I worked on my creation!


I decided to get out my pencil, watercolors and Sharpie to create my piece. I rarely draw the conventional, what better time than now. I usually use my mouse to draw all of my pieces!


I shut my eyes and pencil drew the bird, flower and a birdhouse. My husband watched me to make sure I didn't peek! I didn't like my first, I drew another one. This was probably against the rules...but, I couldn't get all of the perfectionism out of me in one try!

After I created the main pieces for my final piece, I then traced over my pencil lines with my Sharpie. Gotta love those Sharpies! However, some of that perfectionist in me was dying to come out! So, it forced me to erase some of the lines I didn't quite Sharpie over correctly.


I didn't smell my paints...that's a good thing...right?


I tried to change my "style"...but, somehow it came out of me even though I had my eyes closed! So, for my lack of taste...I didn't eat or drink anything while I was creating! :)

The Finished Piece

To come up with my finished piece. I scanned it, then placed it into Photoshop where I created two different backgrounds. I also created some "masking tape" in Photoshop and placed them in the corners to make it look as though it were taped to my desktop. This is senseless...why would I tape this to my desktop? LOL!

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Five Senses – Inspire Me Thursday

This week's challenge looked quite appealing to me...however, I couldn't come up with an idea that truly felt like me! I attribute this to a lack of creativity this week. Sick kids, lack of sleep and art sometimes don't mix.

Watch for the next daughter is healthy again!

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